How it all started

Hi, I’m Lisa and I run The Pumpkin Patch workshops.

About Pumpkin Patch

As a mother to five enthusiastic young cooks (three girls and two boys – equally as enthusiastic!) I thought it would be great idea to share the cookery experience with other local children.


Seeing my own children picking blackberries and harvesting apples in late Summer and Autumn, and then helping me to produce jams and jellies with such enthusiasm, made me eager to share the excitment with others … The Pumpkin Patch idea was born!


The Pumpkin Patch kitchen and garden school, links the growing and cooking of our food, bringing a real understanding of where the food comes from. We grow most of our own fruit and veg in the numerous raised beds cared for by the 'Pumpkin Patchers' themselves.

Learning the basic skills of growing vegetables and cooking traditional wholesome food is a great start in life – one that is rarely passed on since families have become busier and the extended family are not always at hand to help.

As a qualified teacher, an enthusiastic cook, gardener and an experienced mother, I love the opportunity of being able to share these skills with willing and keen young cooks and gardeners!  Hopefully in years to come they too will find delight and relaxation, enjoyment and excitement in the kitchen and garden.

A few years on….

During the past few years it’s been an exciting opportunity for me to cook on S4C’s live daytime programmes Prynhawn Da and Heno.  This is great fun and gives me an opportunity to spread the importance of cooking with children and using seasonal produce in a fun and exciting way.

What’s next?

We’ll keep doing what we do best and the rest … you’ll have to wait and see!